Students Win Awards on Class Day

Congratulations to the recent graduates of the Class of 2014! Some of these graduates spent time working on immigration issues. These students received awards for student citizenship and leadership as well as for an astounding total of 341,951 pro bono hours! Here are the recipients:

Below: Student recipients of the Dean’s Awards for Community Leadership

Recipients of The Dean's Award for Community Leadership

  • Lisa Michelle Lana, who was a member of the Harvard Immigration Project (HIP), won the Frank Righeimer, Jr. Prize for Student Citizenship.
  • Maryum Jamal Jordan (HIRC), Ari Solomon Ruben (HIRC), Sarah Ashley Wheaton (HIRC), and Johannes Sten Widmalm-Delphonse(HIP) won the Dean’s Awards for Community Leadership.
  • These 4 graduates performed more than 2,000 pro bono hours: Ruthzee Louijeune (helped with translation work for HIRC), Esther Elizabeth Mulder (Litman Fellow and took a crimmigration course), Nicole Ann Summers (HIP), and Tanika Paz Vigil (HIP).
  •  20 of the graduates who had gone through the clinical programs performed more than 1,000 pro bono hours: Uzezi Elakeche Abugo (HIP), Marina M. Basseas (HIRC), Ashley Marie Belyea (HIRC), Eva Lucia Bitran (HIRC), Scott Harlan Coomes (HIRC), Catherine Beatrice Cooper (HIRC), Tihitina Mekete Dagnew (HIP), Valerie Duchesneau (HIRC), Jessica Cooper Frisina (HIRC), Faduma Abdullah Hassan Ali (HIRC), Maryum Jamal Jordan (HIRC), Lindsey Breton Kaley (HIRC), JI Eun Kim (HIRC), Ryan Joseph Kurtz (HIRC), Lisa Michelle Lana (HIP), Jonathan O. Nomamiukor (research assistant for Deborah Anker), Samuel David Weiss (Crimmigration), Sarah Ashley Wheaton (HIRC), Johannes Sten Widmalm-Delphonse (HIRC), Melanie Beth Zuch (HIP).

Congratulations to these students and to the entire Class of 2014! Bravo!

Sabi Ardalan and Graduate Jessica Frisina J.D. '14 at HIRC's graduation celebration on Commencement Day
Sabi Ardalan and Graduate Jessica Cooper Frisina at HIRC’s graduation celebration on Commencement Day