Law School Graduates: What’s Next?

Every year, Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic(HIRC) and Harvard Immigration Project(HIP) students graduate with many accomplishments and exciting plans, ready to take on new projects and begin their careers. But what are these exciting plans that each graduate intends on pursuing?

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 Harvard Law Commencement 2014 via Harvard Law Today 

Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will be posting several profiles of the recent grads who worked either with the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic or the Harvard Immigration Project during their time at law school. Be on the lookout for these! In the meantime, here is a quick glimpse at what some of these grads will do this year:

  • Lindsey Kaley – Immigration-related work in New York
  • Ashley Belyea – Navy JAG
  • Maryum Jordan – Human Rights work in Peru
  • Scott Coomes – Immigrant Justice Corps Fellow in New York City
  • Jessica Frisina – School-to-Prison Pipeline work in Detroit
  • Marina Basseas – ProBAR Association in Harlingen, Texas
  • Sarah Wheaton – refugee work in Cairo, Egypt
  • Eva Bitran – Clerkship for Judge Prado in the 5th Circuit
  • Ryan Kurtz – New Jersey Public Defender
  • Sam Weiss – Ford Foundation Fellow for the American Civil Liberties Union
  • Tanika Vigil – Immigrant Justice Corps Fellow in New York City


Coming Up: We will feature Tanika Vigil as she tells us about her time at HLS and the Harvard Immigration Project!