Law of Asylum, 2014 Edition (7th edition) NOW AVAILABLE!

Look out for Deborah Anker’s 2014 treatise on asylum law, published this year and now available to purchase!

d. anker treatise on asylum

The seventh edition of the leading treatise, Law of Asylum in the United States, is available at

This comprehensive treatise covers asylum, withholding and Convention against torture law in the United States, integrating international sources and perspectives. The book includes many unpublished Board of Immigration Appeals and Immigration Judge decisions. The book also integrates Asylum Office lesson plans. This edition includes several new features:

  • A detailed procedures chapter of over one-hundred pages ·
  • A comprehensive analysis of the new Board decisions in WGR and MEVG ·
  • A new elaborated section on political opinion and gangs (as well as gang cases and the PSG ground)
  • New coverage of eligibility based on opposition to gangs, and detailed analysis and innovative interpretation of the recent Board of Immigration Appeals decisions in Matter of M-E-V-G- and Matter of W-G-R-

Here are some comments about the book from leading scholars and practitioners:

Ira Kurzban, author of the leading Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook, University of Miami Law School: “If you practice, teach or research in the field, you cannot afford to be without it.”

C. Mario Russell, St John’s University School of law, New York Law School and Catholic Charities, New York: “Law of Asylum is perfectly balanced to suit the needs of the practitioners and clinician as well as those of the researcher and law student.”

Rebecca Maxey, solo practitioner with an intensive asylum docket: “Law of Asylum presents the complex field of asylum law with extraordinary clarity.”