Law of Asylum, 2015 Edition – NOW AVAILABLE!

 The 2015 edition of Deborah Anker’s leading treatise, Law of Asylum in the United States, is now available here.

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loa 2015

Law of Asylum in the United States is the authoritative presentation of U.S. asylum law, long considered a must -have for practitioners, scholars, students and teachers.

“Law of Asylum contains detailed research and ground-breaking research on every asylum related issue, unparalleled procedures and country conditions appendices.  Everything you need to write your briefs and represent your clients.  Immigration judges, DHS officials, federal courts, and international authorities will be looking to Law of Asylum as the leading source on U.S. asylum law.  If you practice, teach or research in the field, you cannot afford to be without it.”

                                                   -Ira Kurzban,                                                                    Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook, University of Miami School of Law

Law of Asylum addresses issues such as:

  • Well-founded fear
  • Credible and reasonable fear determinations
  • Past Persecution and “Humanitarian Asylum”
  • Persecution: serious harm, lack of state protection
  • Nexus: causation and motivation
  • Grounds: race, religion, nationality, particular social group membership, political opinion
  • Non-State actors: individuals, groups
  • Withholding of removal protection
  • Convention against Torture protection: withholding & deferral remedies
  • Childhood status
  • Gender claims
  • Extensive coverage: gang membership,/ opposition to gangs/imputed opinion
  • Ground-breaking approach to political opinion ground
  • Credibility determinations: evidence and “corroboration”
  • New: Rethinking of social distinction and particularity in social group claims
  • New: Historic Board domestic violence decision: basis for other claims?
  • New: Expanded detailed procedures and country condition research chapters