Deborah Anker on Law of Asylum

          Deborah Anker, author of Law of Asylum, talks about the 2016 edition of the treatise in the video below.

Special Features of the 2016 Edition:

Gangs and Increasing Warfare in Central America; Emphasis on Political Opinion Ground

  • Expanded sections on asylum and withholding status based on former gang membership
  • Further developed section on eligibility based on opposition to gangs
  • Addresses the mischaracterization of the term “gang”

Historical New Board Decision: Recognition of Domestic Violence as a Basis for Asylum

  • Discussion of 2014 Board decision Matter of A-R-C-G-
  • Addresses gender as a particular social group after 10 years of legal and other advocacy

Extensive Procedures Appendix

  • Expanded and thoroughly updated Appendix A, added in the last edition


Valentina Guerrero