HIRC Director Debbie Anker joins 2018 Human Rights Symposium

On January 27th, a group of Harvard students held the inaugural human rights symposium Human Rights: Adapting to the Challenges of Our Times at the Kennedy School of Government. The Symposium was an opportunity for activists, scholars, and students to come together to discuss the challenges, and potential collaborations, for human rights movements across the globe.


HIRC Director Deborah Anker participated in the panel, “The Rights and Dignity of Refugees and Migrants and the Nationalist Backlash.” She was joined by Heyam Alasrar, Project Manager, Care International, Eva A. Millona, Executive Director, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, Yee Mon Htun, Clinical Instructor, International Human Rights Clinic, and Vaishali Sharma, Former Refugee Status Determination Officer, UNHCR.


Video recordings from the event are available here.