HLS Alumni and Local Experts Gather for “Hackathon” on Sanctuary Spaces

On April 20th, dozens of HLS alumni and local experts came together to develop model protective policies for sanctuary spaces in the Age of Trump. They considered questions such as: What types of protective strategies can these different institutions employ? What are the legal limits on how far those policies can go? How would protective strategies affect the community as a whole? How might the federal government push back?

Phil Hackathon
HIRC’s Phil Torrey facilitates a discussion on courts and sanctuary spaces

Participants were split into five discussion groups: courts, health care, first responders, religious institutions, and schools. Each group spent the afternoon brainstorming ways to create sanctuary spaces in these areas. At the end of the day, each group presented their ideas to the rest of the participants.

health care group hackathon
Andy Fuqua, a Hackathon participant, speaks on behalf of the health care and sanctuary spaces group

Thank you to everyone who took part in this event!