How you can help

The past few weeks have been troubling. From family separations at the border to the travel ban, immigrant communities across the country face increasingly difficult circumstances. HIRC is committed to advocating for the rights of asylum-seekers, refugees, and all others seeking safety in the U.S. We encourage our students, alumni, and the broader community to take… Read More

Apply to our Crimmigration Clinic!

The Crimmigration Clinic is now accepting applications for Fall 2018 In the Crimmigration Clinic students work on cutting-edge issues regarding the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. Crimmigration students work on projects like drafting appellate briefs, advising criminal defense attorneys on the potential immigration consequences of criminal charges, and drafting policy memoranda for public defender… Read More

Why domestic abuse and anti-gay violence qualify as persecution in asylum law

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently upended decades of U.S. legal precedent by asserting that women fleeing domestic violence will not generally qualify for asylum. To do so, he challenged the principle that women victims of domestic violence are members of a “particular social group.” This phrase – “particular social group” – is critical to the work of immigration lawyers like myself. Read More