From one immigrant to another, raising awareness through Know Your Rights trainings

When my clinical instructor, Sabi Ardalan, told me about an opportunity to present at a workshop at UMass Boston (UMB) on the implications of the recent executive orders, I immediately signed up. Remembering that sense of hopelessness I felt as a non-citizen, I thought that empowering immigrants with knowledge of the executive orders and their rights was one of the best ways I could contribute. Read More

Deborah Anker to moderate FDR Memorial Lecture, “Formulating a new good neighbor policy”

HIRC’s Deborah Anker will moderate the 8th annual FDR memorial lecture, entitled “Formulating a new good neighbor policy.” The lecture will bring together Republican entrepreneur Solomon Trujillo and Democratic former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros, co-founders of the Latino Donor Collaborative, to renew FDR’s call for thoughtful cross-cultural engagement. Read More

Harvard Crimmigration Clinic files amicus brief in Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court case challenging validity of ICE detainers

The Crimmigration Clinic at the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program recently filed an amicus curiae brief in support of a lawsuit arguing that it is unlawful for state law enforcement agencies to arrest and detain an individual in Massachusetts solely for immigration enforcement purposes. Read More

HIRC students testify at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearing on executive orders

Despite the glaring absence of the U.S. government officials, we civil society organizations had productive conversations with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Malene and I testified that the executive orders greatly curtail asylum seekers’ ability to meaningfully pursue their claims for protection and increase the risk of deportation to countries where they face persecution or torture.
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