HIRC releases statement on the decision in Matter of A-B-

Statement of Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program on Matter of A-B- issued by Attorney General Sessions on June 11 The June 11 decision issued by Attorney General Sessions in Matter of A-B- is deeply flawed and inconsistent with our domestic and international obligations under the 1980 Refugee Act and the 1967 Protocol to the… Read More

HIRC Director and Assistant Director attend 2018 Harvard European Law Symposium

On April 6, HIRC’s Director Deborah Anker and Assistant Director Sabi Ardalan attended the 2018 Harvard European Law Symposium, “Europe and the US: Isolationism First?” The event brought together leading US and European experts in international trade, migration, antitrust law, integration, data protection, and national security. Professor Anker and Professor Ardalan spoke on the panel… Read More

HIRC files amicus brief on latest travel ban

On March 30th, HIRC filed an amicus brief challenging President Trump’s latest immigration order. The brief argues that the travel ban violates federal immigration statutes and that this latest version, like its predecessors, is not based on any exigent situation involving diplomacy or military affairs. It replaces individualized determinations of risk with blanket prohibitions and… Read More

HIRC Director Debbie Anker joins 2018 Human Rights Symposium

On January 27th, a group of Harvard students held the inaugural human rights symposium Human Rights: Adapting to the Challenges of Our Times at the Kennedy School of Government. The Symposium was an opportunity for activists, scholars, and students to come together to discuss the challenges, and potential collaborations, for human rights movements across the globe. HIRC… Read More